Is Saudi Arabia Exporting More than Oil?

In the contemporary Middle East, Saudi Arabia is a prominent power in the Middle East and has a strong hold on oil control.  But, it seems that this country is exporting more than oil. There is a particular and intense hatred for women among the Arab States, primarily due to Saudi Arabia’s cultural colonialism, which results from Saudi Arabia’s large influence in the region. The Saudi royal family has a close relationship with the Wahhabis, a group of extreme fundamentalist Islamic clerics. As a result, gender segregation is prominent in Saudi Arabian culture, which has spread throughout the region through the Saudi government’s cultural and religious colonialism. Additionally, pro-Wahhabi movements financed by Saudi Arabia, strip females of virtually all rights and instill violence against women resulting in dangerous instability. This exportation of misogyny and subjugation of women has resulted in regions which previously espoused less draconian views about the role of women,s turning toward the Saudi-inspired misogyny.  Research has shown a direct link between violence against women and terrorism, with societies having high levels of misogyny also having high levels of masculinity.  Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton touched upon this point, stating “There is a direct correlation between societies like that, that deny women their opportunities, and societies that are breeding grounds for extremism and, unfortunately, terrorism.”   Ensuring the human and economic rights of women will help stabilize the entire region, and therefore, by combatting Saudi Arabia’s exportation of misogyny, the world can also expect to see improved Middle East and global stability and a decrease in terrorism.




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