Upcoming Events

Olympic Truce Candlelight Vigil

Friday, February 9th 5-6pm @ Philadelphia City Hall, West Plaza

CFPA will co-sponsor a Candlelight Vigil for the Olympic Truce. Bring your signs and banners, for Diplomacy Not War in Korea; Olympic Truce; No Fire and Fury; etc.

Join CFPA, the UN Association of Greater Philadelphia, the Grannies Peace Brigade Philadelphia, members from our St. Joe’s student group, Brandywine Peace, Philly Antiwar Reach-out, and other allies.

For more information on the Olympic Truce & Athletes for Peace visit:



Past Events Events

“Nukes and Nuggets”

CFPA SJU held an event on April 5th at 6:30pm, which discussed the far-reaching effects of nuclear weapons and energy.  Former Assistant Science Advisor to President Bill Clinton, Dr. Frank von Hippel, focused on the First Strike Bill and limiting nuclear expenses.  Next, renowned nuclear physicist Zia Mian touched upon the upcoming UN Nuclear Abolition conference, and lastly Edward Aguilar, the PA director of CFPA, discussed the “Twin Threat” – the dangerous effects that nuclear weapons and nuclear power pose to the environment.  Following the panel, there was time for questions and discussions. Chicken nuggets were served 🙂

Nukes & Nuggets pic


Groundswell Rising Showing 

As part of SJU Earth Week, CFPA SJU is sponsored a showing of the film Groundswell Rising on April 26th at 6:30. Groundswell Rising is an insightful and informative documentary that focuses upon a grassroots movement that challenges the oil and gas industry’s practice of fracking. Executive Producer Mark Lichty was present at the showing and discussed his experiences and the creation of the film.  Following the showing, there was time for questions and discussions.


“Living Local Economies: Green, Just, and Joyful” – Judy Wicks

On Thursday March 9, the Saint Joseph’s University Student Chapter of CFPA hosted an event featuring “Philadelphia’s Founding Mother of Sustainability,” Judy Wicks. Judy discussed her path to developing and improving fair and sustainable business practices. In addition she discussed a key turning point in her career, when she began working cooperatively with other entrepreneurs to build whole economies based on these principles – the localization movement, which has taken on greater urgency with the challenge of climate change. Over 50 SJU students were in attendance as well as SJU faulty and community members.